Change to a relaxed and non-sexist dress code

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  You know for a fact that everyone at LDMS hates the dress code. The dress code is extremely strict and unnecessary for the student body. It’s time that we at LDMS make a change for those incoming in the future.

  For girls in particular, the dress code is extremely strict. When girls wear white t-shirts, which are dress code, get dress coded for them anyways. One student was wearing a white t-shirt that looked perfectly fine but a teacher called it inappropriate and dress coded her. The shirt was not see through and you could not see any undergarments. Another student was wearing a black loose shirt that went down to her hips and looked appropriate, but yet again, a teacher dress coded her because she was showing her collarbone and it appeared “distracting to the boys”. 

  For boys, their hair is the main problem. Boys aren’t allowed to have their hair a certain length because it seems to be “distracting from learning”. The boys are also getting dress coded for dying their hair natural colors, even though it says in the dress code that you are allowed to. One student had short hair and dyed the tips of their hair blonde but they were dress coded and had to leave school to change their hair, even though it was in dress code. 

  The current dress code is extremely expensive for just buying school clothing. A LD hoodie alone is $30 to $40 and the hoodie only lasts for at least 2 months until becoming worn out. LD shirts expensive as well, from prices $30 to $50 per shirt. The LD band t-shirts are way cheaper than that and even a student could pay for them but not for a falcon wear shirt. Some students don’t have the money to buy these things and are often cornered to come up with an alternative. One student wore a plan gray hoodie to school but got dress coded because it wasn’t school wear. 

  Here’s where the change comes in. We should change the dress code to a more relaxed and non-sexist dress code. We should be able to wear normal shirts with any designs (expect ones that include profanity, drugs, etc) that is any color. We should be able to wear any type of hoodie/sweatshirt, regardless of the color, size, or design. We should be able to dye our hair any color we’d like because let’s be honest with each other, how many of you have seen someone with multicolored hair and have been distracted? None of you, right?  Heck! Even the elementary schoolers are allowed to dye their hair any color but yet middle schoolers aren’t? Girls should be able to show their collarbones and not feel as if all eyes are on them. You know for a fact that you’ve never known a guy that has been distracted by a girls collarbone. The girls aren’t even allowed to show their shoulders because it’s distracting and considered “sexual”. 

  As the student body, the ones actually having to wear these things, we should have a say in what we wear and don’t wear. If you agree that we should have a relaxed and non-sexist dress code, please sign this petition to help us make this change!