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My name is Marina Skiles. I am an American citizen married to a
wonderful man named Oscar. We met six years ago, and now have two
daughters, a house, a dog, and a fulfilling life together.

We were living the American Dream until two months ago when an unjust
immigration decision took my husband away from us. Oscar is from Mexico. On
February 10, 2012 his visa and any chance of ever re-entering the United States
were denied by a consular agent in Juarez, Mexico. Oscar was wrongfully
charged as a “smuggler,” when all he did was cross the border eleven years ago.
My husband is not a smuggler.

After Oscar and I married in 2009, we decided as a family to begin the
long process to get his Green Card and eventual citizenship. We began with
optimism and hope – at last we could have a normal life in the USA.

The law stated that Oscar would need to return to Mexico in order to file
for a waiver that would allow him to come back home in two-months time. On
February 10, 2012, at his routine first interview at the US Consulate in Juarez,
Mexico, the consular agent denied my husband his visa and any chance of ever
reentering this country. The agent claimed that my husband had "aided and
abetted" others to enter the US, which is false. She said that, since the group
Oscar crossed with also contained his uncles, then Oscar was a "human

Our dreams were taken away by a consular agent's clerical decision made
on a Friday in mid-February. There was no accusation made to his face, no ability
to testify or present evidence – just a decision that would separate a family for life
with no appeal.

My husband said goodbye to us full of hope for a better future after a short
absence. Now that absence seems impossibly long. I am now a single mom with
a mortgage, two very active girls, and a full-time job.

Our only hope for reversing this arbitrary and unjust decision lies with the
U.S. State Department. We have appealed for help to our U.S. Senators from
Colorado; we have appealed personally to President Bill Clinton and we have
asked the U.S. State Department to issue an Advisory Ruling reversing Oscar's
designation as a "human smuggler." So far, the State Department has taken no

Our country is founded on fairness, forgiveness, and the right to life, liberty
and the pursuit happiness. Stand up for these rights – help us bring Oscar home.

Please join us in signing this petition to Secretary Clinton.

Letter to
Madame Secretary Clinton
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Madame Secretary Clinton.

Madame Secretary Clinton,

I am writing to request justice for Oscar Cámara and his family. Oscar was wrongly accused of human smuggling and has been denied re-entry to the USA by the US State Department. The husband of an American citizen, Marina Skiles,and the father of two daughters ages 3 and 8, Oscar is deeply missed in Colorado and desperately needs to get home to his family.

We need the help of the U.S. State Department to correct a misinformed, unsupervised decision made by a consular official that threatens to ruin the life of a young family.

As the spouse of a US Citizen, Oscar became eligible to apply for Legal Residency. He did the right thing, followed the law, and left the USA in order to apply for an I-601 Waiver, a pardon for his illegal presence of nearly eleven
years. In order to obtain a Waiver, he was required to apply at the US Consulate in Juarez. The procedure is supposed to happen in two steps. First step is a perfunctory interview where documents are vetted and fingerprints are taken,
followed by a second interview after a two-month processing period.

Oscar never made it past the first interview. He was ambushed by a consular official who pretended to be friendly and ended up declaring him permanently inadmissible to the United States. The State Department consular official designated him a “smuggler” for having crossed the border with his uncles.

In fact, Oscar crossed the border as a last ditch effort to make money for his parents in Mexico City. He walked for three days, as many do each day, through the harsh hot desert, carrying a jug of water and the clothes on his back.
He did not assist or in any way help others to cross. As Oscar told the official, he entered the USA without documents at the age of 21 in the year 2001. He was
no more a “smuggler” than hundreds of thousands of other immigrants who crossed the border in groups including family and friends.

Nevertheless, on February 10, 2012, a U.S. Consular official ruled Oscar permanently inadmissible. That fact blocks Oscar from being allowed to
have his case adjudicated by the Department of Homeland Security and any
possibility of being reunited with his family.

Please tell the Legal Advisory Opinions Division of the Visa
Office (LegalNet) to reverse this wrongful decision and give Oscar a chance to
see his wife and children again in their home in Colorado.



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