Motorcycle Insurance Reform - Ontario

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On January 9, 2019 the Ontario Government asked for public input on how to make auto insurance more affordable. The Government is inviting drivers and consumers to share their views on how to lower the Province's auto insurance rates. Vic Fedeli, Minister of Finance says "the previous government's failed system of stretch goals on auto insurance is clearly broken. Auto insurance rates in Ontario are among the highest in the country, and action is needed.

Ontario has the highest rates for motorcycle insurance in North America.  Today rates are set by insurers who organize and lobby through the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) so they can operate as a cartel.  The Ontario government legislates insurance laws, and oversees rates and insurers.  Several powerful lobbies also have seats at the table, they include Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) and Fair Associations for Victims of Accident Insurance Reform (FAIR), a collection of self serving lawyers and rehab centers disguised as a victim's advocates.

IBC, FAIR & OTLA and lobbies have incredible influence and have created a system that serves them first, motorists second -- it's time we take a seat at the table.  Motorcyclists' interests are supposed to be cared for by the elected government, this has been a miserable failure -- insuring a motorcycle has become increasingly more expensive and difficult.   

It's time for motorcyclists to be heard. The purpose of this petition is to influence gov't to make changes that serve riders, not just the lobbies that live off insurance regulation.  Here are a few things we want to :

  1. Open competition by reducing barriers to entry for smaller and foreign insurance companies.
  2. Motorcyclists are forced to buy liability and accident benefit insurance on each motorcycle they own.  We would like these coverages attached to the rider and collision and comprehensive insurances to the motorcycle. 
  3. Replace requirements for mandatory benefits coverage with an a-la-carte offer that lets riders elect the level of coverage that suits them.
  4. Increase transparency by requiring insurers to release accurate and detailed accident and payout data used to justify rates. 

Time is of the essence, the period for public consultation ends Feb 15.  If you support this measure please sign the petition. Once you sign this petition, share your views by visiting the Ontario Gov't website at (go now -- it closes on February 15, 2019)