Release dogs at Mad Dog & Englishmen Sledding

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  • In June 2019, whistleblowers reported illegal animal cruelty happening at Mad Dogs & Englishmen Expeditions Inc dog sledding kennel near Canmore, Alberta. They had consistently found injured dogs, empty water bowls and delapotated shelters on the property. Despite these conditions directly contradicting the Canadian Animal Protection Act, the SPCA refused to take action because of a loophole that allows sled dogs to be legally considered as "livestock."

On November 16th, 2019, around 30 animal lovers publicly attended at the kennel for the purpose of documenting conditions and providing comfort to the confined dogs. What they found was dogs tethered to 5 foot chains, where they spend the majority of their lives through the coldest of cold and the hottest of hot days, running in circles displaying clear signs of psychological distress, tiny wooden houses with minimal hay for bedding and insulation, empty water bowls, missing eyes, open sores, ribs sticking out, mangy coats, and man's best friends desperate for love, attention and affection that they are constantly deprived from. As a result 15 people were arrested and charged with break and enter to commit mischief.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Justice for the Silenced has been informed that Mad Dogs & Englishmen are struggling to provide care for their dogs, and have gone so far as to publicly request donations to cover food costs for their prisoner dogs.

It has also been made aware that a strategy they are considering to bring more money into their company is to breed more puppies to then put up for sale.

We are demanding that Mad Dogs & Englishmen release all of the dogs to loving families who can provide them with the proper warmth, attention, food, water, medical care, freedom from exploitation, and other basic rights that this company fails to meet.

Help us free every last one of them!