The Eden Project - Serve God by Saving the Planet

The Eden Project - Serve God by Saving the Planet

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Started by Aubrey Adams

As the year 2022 begins, our society is becoming more environmentally aware. This generation is realizing that our environment is facing many problems left behind by past generations such as pollution, climate change, waste disposal, and deforestation. These problems are worsening as time goes by, delivering our younger generation, and the next, into an unbridled environmental crisis. 

This policy sets out to create a more eco-friendly MACU that will make this university stand out as a shining example of a sustainable, energy-efficient campus in Oklahoma. The Eden Project also strives to forge MACU as the first single-use plastic free campus in the state. In addition, this policy aims to enlighten future generations of MACU students about living eco-conscious lives after they graduate and enter the workforce. Also, this policy sets out to bring pride to the surrounding local community and lead it into a “greener future” with action and by example. 

God has commissioned us to “tend and guard the Garden of Eden” that he has granted us (Genesis 2:15). It is our responsibility to glorify God by caring for the earth because as Psalm 24:1 reads, “The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.”

By signing this petition, you are supporting the EDEN PROJECT which includes an immediate policy to begin campus-wide recycling and going single-use plastic free. The EDEN PROJECT also includes goals that MACU can meet to become carbon neutral by 2050 such as composting, installing more efficient faucets, sprinklers, light bulbs, etc., and purchasing more sustainably. 

As Geneva College explains, “God commissions us to rule over the creation in a way that sustains, protects, and enhances his works so that all creation may fulfill the purposes God intended for it. We must manage the environment not simply for our own benefit but for God′s glory.”

178 have signed. Let’s get to 200!