ban dog-basher from teaching medical students

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ban dog-basher from teaching medical students

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Macquarie University (The Australian School of Advanced Medicine)

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Started by Leko McCulloch


It is an appalling, straightforward story:

In a heinous act, Sydney surgeon, Dr Nicolas Oddone, inflicted critical injury to a tiny, helpless dog.  

Prinny, Dr Oddone's ex-girlfriend's 3kg dog pappilion, suffered diarrheoa.  The tiny dog couldn't hold it and had an accident on the carpet in the apartment.  While the owner, Dr Oddone's ex-girlfriend, was in the shower, he flew into a rage and severely bashed the pooch over the accident.


Dr Oddone caused injuries including: 

* 14 fractures
* to more than a dozen ribs
* a collapsed lung
* internal bleeding
* muscle damage
* liver damage


Aside from the psychological traume of being assaulted in their own home and by a familiar person, the little pappilion, Prinny, has also sustained permanent physical injury.

Notwithstanding whether the Court's sentencing was fair or not or whether the Australian justice system is flawed or not,

do we want a surgeon who is capable of inflicting severe injuries to a helpless, 3kg dog, to teach our medical students?

Do we want our future medical practitioners to have been trained by someone capable of committing such a heinous act?


The answer should be an unequivocal



Sign and share this petition to Macquarie University.  Demand they revoke his teaching priviledges.  Let Macquarie know that, as a community, 21st century Australia holds their teaching surgeons to a higher standard.  

Please help ensuring this does not happen again.




* as a surgeon, he should have been able to afford $5 for carpet cleaner
* as a surgeon, he should be familiar with simple sterilising and desinfecting procedures
* as a surgeon, he likely brings home germs much more serious than whatever caused Prinny's diaerrhoea (if it even were germs)
* as a surgeon, albeit there are a few germs that may be transmitted from dogs to humans (zoonosis), he should know that most germs are specific to "their" species
* as a surgeon, he should have much more developed distress-tolerance and anger-management skills


I would hate to be on his operating table when he flies into a rage. Wouldn't you?  Whether he has marital problems, his girlfriend is about to leave him..... if I were subjected to his 'care,' I would expect him to be able to control his emotions regardless of what may be going on in his life.  Just a thought: This is how he treats helpless animals.  And on a daily basis he treats desperate, helpless patients.


For the Sydney Morning Herald article, please visit

Daily Telegraph article:





It is my personal opinion that he may not be the best person to teach students in a field that requires empathy and respect for life.

I am in no way in a position to comment on his professional qualifications, his achievements, etc.

I would like to explicitly condemn hatemail or threats against Dr Oddone and his family.  I hope they are safe and sound, and I expect the law to investigate all threats and hatemail and take action where required.

He has been taken to court and sentenced.  Period.   This petition is not about "punishing him" it is regarding whom I am comfortable with as a lecturer at a medical school.

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This petition had 1,765 supporters

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