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Stop a Cyber Harassment Perpetrator from Targeting Girls with Disabilities

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Dear Macon Police Department and citizens of Georgia and outlying states wher no one is heard,

I am Beth Taurasi, a recent victim and a witness to cyber harassment.  Jason D.Owens, 23,  hass been harassing girls almost  his whole life.  His family has made excuses for his early bullying behavior, and it has since escalated into harassment of a sexual nature.  HE should be charrged with felonies, including felony cyber harassment, felony wire tapping for the recordings he keeps so he can slander his exes, and felony slander for all the lies he puts out there on Skype and other social platforms.  We  have tried to report all this via screenshots to Skype, but they do nothing but report the ones reporting him.  The Skype staff do nothing to stop Jason and his antics from continuing.  It is important that cyber harassment of any kind be stopped, and Jason's case is a classic example.  While Carol W., aged 22, blocked him several times on Skype, he unblocked himself via trackware and guessing the passwords her friensd gave her and I witnessed such things.  My own boyfriend, Blake, aged 25, from Arizona, saw the whole incident before his eyes, and he's furious.  This is not just blindy drama, as some people could call it.  It could have been deadly because of the nature of both Carol and another girl's mental health.  Both girls shut down when being tormented about the rapes they both suffered.  This is a petition that will make a difference in that it would make the online and real worlds safer for all of us, not just the children, but the adults who are cyber harassing others.  Thank you for your time.

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