August 5, 2020
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Started by R Miller

2ND INCIDENT UPDATE:Multiple people said their forward progress in their vehicles was STOPPED by Cindy Olsen and Rene Thomas. Some were actually forced to take the flyers in order to move forward into the precinct which is 100% illegal and voter INTERFERENCE! OBSTRUCTION! INTIMIDATION! 

Although the McClains apologized for their role in voter interference that took place in Washington Township, Clerk Kathy Bosheers and Dan O’Leary are sweeping the entire incident under the rug. Reportedly, Kathy is set to retire and does not want to deal with this. They won’t say whether there were cameras or not at the precincts. Macomb County Elections is deferring to Washington Township Office to make the call. O’Leary’s own personal voting enforcement men like township employee Patrick Meagher were allegedly going after everyone else accept Team O’Leary which made it very unfair. If anyone else tried to do what Cindy Olsen and Rene Thomas were doing, they were told they could not immediately by O'Leary's own enforcement team. Macomb County is full of corruption and that just has to be accepted. It is worth noting that Patrick Meagher and his wife Stacey both received jobs in the township under O’Leary. Meagher received a $108,000 job without anyone knowing about it. He was the same man who resigned from Dino Bucci’s commission before Dino was busted from the feds. Patrick Meagher is now the highest paid employee in Washington Township and no one knows who he is. He also lives in Chesterfield. 


INCIDENT UPDATE: The McClains admitted to this incident taking place. Lisa McClain called her volunteers and told them to stop after the incident had been first reported by Kelly Sosnoski to Election Officials at Precincts 1 and 5. Lisa's husband Mike McClain called candidate Sam Previti apologized [for election interference to the other candidates]. Kelly Sosnoski witnessed Cindy Olsen come back later that day and continue the illegal voter activity. 


In Washington Township during the Primary Election on August 5, 2020 - Two women were caught by voting officials engaging in election fraud. The issue arose when one resident of the community alleged that her father who is a senior citizen was STOPPED by a woman holding a large stack of papers (with a Lisa McClain shirt on) as he was driving into the precinct. He rolled down his window and she handed him two flyers: the first flyer had 6 photos on it of local Washington Township candidates (Dan O'Leary, Cindy Olsen, Gary Kopp, Mike Nicley, Stanley Babinski, and Dan Detkowski). It said "The Keep Washington Great Team." The second flyer was of Lisa McClain. The woman said "This is the team that Trump endorses, this is who you need to vote for if you like Trump." Since this incident occurred, several residents of the community reported a similar incident and it was revealed that Rene Thomas was the alleged woman in the McClain shirt and another lady doing the same thing was alleged to be Cindy Olsen - candidate for Washington Township who was also on one of the flyers. Both of these women had stacks of flyers and were passing out two a piece - one for Lisa McClain and the other for O'Leary's team of six candidates. It is no surprise that 6 out of 7 candidates involved in this scam went on to win. This incident lasted for least 5 hours before being shut down by voting officials and several people complained of ballot coaching. Hundreds if not thousands of voters were impacted, and some of the candidates only lost by 100 votes. Per election rules, candidates are not allowed to ballot coach or OBSTRUCT, DELAY, OR INTERFERE WITH VOTERS as they hand out campaign material.  Seven candidates were being promoted at one time by one candidate! While that may be allowed in Michigan Law, O'Leary's enforcement team was not letting anyone else do it. We want an investigation into this unethical behavior. We DEMAND that Cindy Olsen be disqualified immediately from the Washington Township Board and that the candidates negatively affected by the cheating are given a fair chance to be re-voted on. Cindy Olsen fully knew she was breaking the rules as she a Macomb County delegate on the MGOP board. We are told that Lisa McClain was also aware this was going on. Her victory over Shane Hernandez was very close and this could have impacted the results. THIS NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED! It is no wonder that Macomb County is the most corrupt county in America! #VoterInterference #VoterObstruction #VoterDelay 

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Signatures: 109Next Goal: 200
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