Necessity for out of Home Respite/Group Homes for Adults with Disabilities.

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When we as parents of adults with disabilities face burnout due to 24 hour in home care, there is absolutely nowhere for us to place our loved one in a safe environment with qualified staff for a weekend or a week if we need a break to regroup, need a vacation, or become ill. 

If we are unable to care for them in the long term, there are very few qualified group homes/facilities with a waitlist that spans for years!  This is unacceptable.  As aging parents of adults with disabilities, what do we do? Nursing Homes are not an option! 

Out of Home Respite is a necessity for adults with disabilities and parents/caregivers should be able to access when needed in a crisis or if/when a break is needed. Most of us have In-Home Respite Workers, but at the end of the day it's not enough.  Our loved one's needs outweigh the supports in-home.

Premier Doug Ford and the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services Lisa Macleod must address this issue and work with the Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) to examine the reality that aging parents cannot be caregivers forever. 

There must be options for families. The Ontario Government must allocate funds to erect group homes and provide funding to existing agencies, allowing them to expand on their services for adults with disabilities. 

Parents of adults with disabilities are stressed, burnt out and need a resolution to this issue.  We love them dearly, and only want the best care for them. Join us in making sure we have the necessary ressources to properly care for our loved ones.