Stop compulsory Big House Choir for Year 10 at Macleans College!!!

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This is extremely unfair how this year, in 2018, all Year 10 students are forced to join Big House Choir. Here are several reasons why we shouldn’t:

  1. We have already been forced last year, in Year 9. It is pretty retarded how we have to go through this again. Seriously, people in Year 10 and above should be able to choose if they want to or not?
  2. The more people doesn’t mean it is better. Just cause u got two hundred something people doesn’t make it better or neater. It just makes it louder, and more imperfect
  3. Seriously, if they force this on us at Year 10, then won’t that mean Year 11s do it as well next year? And so it continues... There is really no point!
  4. It really reduces ur sleep time and/or study time at school(if u are a try hard). Getting up at 6 is really annoying. And House Detentions for everyone who doesn’t turn up :):):) 


So rise, my fellow Macleans College Year 10s, and prevent this unfair compulsory co-curricular from dawning upon us,


Thanks everyone :)