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Maclean's Magazine: Apologize for publishing Barbara Amiel's victim-blaming piece on Steubenville

Amiel's article in Maclean's, "Land mines in our sexual landscape", not only blames the Steubenville rape victim and minimizes the seriousness of rape, it also excuses child pornography as 'harmless'.

This is beyond an offensive personal opinion. This is hateful material that condones child pornography and rape as "minor vices". Further, it claims these are merely the results of a society that permits things like gay relationships and transgender people.

Media outlets have the power to turn the tides of rape culture and Maclean's has done the exact opposite. This attack is not acceptable. We as readers have come to expect a much higher quality of material from Maclean's and we demand an apology.

Letter to
Maclean's Magazine Mark Stevenson
Columnist for Maclean's Barbara Amiel
Maclean's Magazine Editor
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Member of Provincial Parliament Hon Glen R. Murray
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister of Culture
Maclean's Magazine Customer Service
Member of Parliament, Toronto Centre Bob Rae
Some might think that Barbara Amiel was merely exercising her right to free speech when she wrote her article, "Land mines in our sexual landscape". We disagree. This is hateful material that condones child pornography and rape as "minor vices". We as readers and subscribers to Maclean's Magazine have come to expect a much higher standard from your publication and we would like a public apology for the error you have committed in publishing this hateful, harmful, poorly thought out piece.

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