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Save Mackay's CBD - No More Paid Parking

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It is a known fact that the CBD of Mackay is suffering. As you walk through our beautiful city, you see far too many empty shop windows. The parking options in the city have always been a concern for residents and visitors as they are very limited or are expensive and complicated! 

With Canelands Central and Mt Pleasant Centre now with so many speciality stores, the CBD have greater competition than they used to and paid/limited parking is definitely a disadvantage! If you have to download an app, add your credit card details and pay just to park your car to look around at our beautiful CBD and to have a bit of a shop, most people will just keep driving - back to the Shopping Centres. 

Not only do the shopping centre's have free parking in abundance but they also offer more specialty stores and major retailers in a closer proximity and weather is never an issue. Our CBD already has the odds stacked against it, why is the council pushing people away even further?

If shoppers are no longer visiting our CBD, shops are inevitably going to have to close. This means more unemployment, more issues and less for our community.

Our Mackay community is so strong and has so much pride, but after the huge mining downturn, I don't believe the spirits will stay strong if our city heart dies too.

Please help us save our gorgeous city heart, sign this petition.

Council - build better parking facilities, make it user friendly and if you must charge to cover costs, make it reasonable. We are on the same team, we all want to save our city.

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