Safe crossing areas for all high schools in Mackay QLD

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Will it take a serious accident before Mackay Regional Council take action and make adequet crossing for our students going to and from school?

Mackay State High School students are forced to run across busy roads each and everyday. They are forced to dash because of the pure volume of traffic heading to/from Mackay main industrial area and airport. 

In 2015 grade 7 (aged 11-12 years old) moved up to high school, as a result approx extra 200 students now attend MSHS. This has significantly increased the volume of traffic on Paradise Street and Evans Street.


  • Pedestrian crossing on Evan Street linking MSHS to East Mackay
  • Traffic lights on the roundabout at Paradise Street linking MSHS to West Mackay

This is not only a solution for the students but also for the whole community who use the Cross City Link for leisure and fitness.

Please help me to enforce Mackay Regional Council to listen to the community and keep our children safe. Let’s take actions together to put a stop to the negligence and irresponsibility of Mackay Regional Council.

Please sign and share my petition. Thank you