Mackay Council ‘Local Laws’ needs equipment and training for large animal emergencies!

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Over the past 4 days I have had to endure 2 terrifying encounters with an unhandled stallion attacking me, my horses and attempting to damage our property.

After numerous phone calls to the council ‘Local Laws’ for help (who both the police and rspca were said were the only people that could help) we have been informed that Mackay Regional Council have no resources (mainly a tranquilliser gun) or training in dealing with large animal emergencies, and they’re only aloud to move the animal to a safe place and secure it (even if this means cutting someone else’s fence). This seems absolutely ridiculous considering the large equine community we have in Mackay, the fact our Showgrounds are located in extremely close proximity to the CBD and the large amount of cattle grazing properties located near or within suburbs of Mackay, and also terrifying at the thought of if I wasn’t there last night, would they have cut the fence and put this stallion in with my paddock of mares because that was the closest ‘safe place’ to secure it. They also informed us they are instructed NOT to contact any local vets that may be able to assist.

Last night alone required the police for traffic control, the council for lighting and a number of members of the public for 4 hours before the horse could be restrained and moved, which wouldn’t have gotten to the situationist was (and I more then likely wouldn’t now have an injured mare), if the Local Laws officer could of tranquillised the horse immediately on arrival, so I  am petitioning for our council to provide our Local Laws officers with the correct resources, equipment and training they need to prevent other people from ever having to go through this horrendous situation.