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Change the Mein Leben trophy in Wolfenstein II

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Dear MachineGames

Wolfenstein II is shaping up to be an excellent game and a serious GOTY contender, however, as a dedicated gamer and a trophy hunter I would ask if you could change the requirements for Mein Leben trophy/achievement?

The game is supposedly rather tough on higher difficulty levels, which is perfect, but the current requirements for Mein Leben are a bit inhumane. A game of this lenght must have some sort of save system. As an expert FPS player, I always welcome a challenge, but as a student, I simply do not have the time to play something in a single session that could easily last up to 10 hours. I am sure that plenty of dedicated trophy hunters would give you the same reasons, as I have seen quite a few forum threads already. Please change the requirements to something more accessible so that this trophy can be obtained throughout multiple gaming sessions. For example, add a limited number of manual saves, like Dead space 2 and The evil within 2 did. That way, players such as me, with a lot of responsibility in their lives, could have a fair chance to get this trophy. It is not the challenge that is the problem, it is the lenght. 

If you consider this, thank you for your time and congratulations on the launch of Wolfenstein II. 

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