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Mobile Strike has my cards maxed instead of my research!

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For the past year, there has been a huge lift in the amount of updates Mobile Strike has been putting out, thanks to customers paying the allotted price for digital packages. But lately, the amount of updates has increased by over 300% in the past 2 weeks alone. What used to be released 4-5 days apart is now being released within a 24 hour period, causing players to spend yet another 99$-299$ more each time something new is released. This I see as gold digging, throwing everything out there just to make the maximum profit, yet also discouraging customers from wanting to buy anymore since they're already out of funds. In the past 7 days, there have been 6 new additions to the game, and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying "that's absolutely outrageous!". And each pack costs $99 or 199$ or maybe even 299$. Perhaps the very occasional 399$? Thats the price of a new laptop!! This company is getting more than greedy about the income. They're trying to gain as much money as possible in as short of amount of time. This petition asks that the company stop with the outrageous prices, and I don't mean like 5% or 10% off. I'm suggesting at least 50%-75%. You're still making bank while gently inviting players to come spend a little. What could you possibly need hundreds of dollars per week from tens of millions of players around the world? It doesn't sound like research, it sounds like greed. Cut the prices, stop with the daily additions. This may be a 'freemium' game, but it's only free until you're forced to buy something just to get passed a certain point. I wouldn't even call it a freemium; I'd call it a Trial game. We love the game, but we despise the prices. Not to mention having to spend 700$ for 7 packs just to finish research. It's getting ridiculous, MZ!

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