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Machine Zone to listen to their customer base

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Please return the game to the one we love. 

·         The extreme peaks and lows of the game have to stop. Your stats are untested and are ruining the game. One moment nothing will burn, the next nothing is safe. Why? Why isn't there a balance. Can players not be defeated and still have troops left? Must every hit leave a player zeriod? Reset the stats and make the game playable. Stats explained, mz has hundreds or stats they released and none of them explained. When players email and ask about it they are told to test and figure it out.

·         Customer service is serious lacking . The keyword copy and paste answers are not working. We the people deserve answers. Please work with the response team on this.

·         The releases are too fast. Some are irrelevant when they drop, others 12 after its dropped, very few are relevant more than a few days. Other releases are so over powered that you either buy it or you don't play! THIS MUST CHANGE!!!! Players can't spend on things that are useless in a matter of hours. After all the clicking there is no time to play. A lot of the players don't spend daily so the relevance of the items they buy are crucial. This has to be balanced. You have thousands of extremely talented players. Bringing back beta testing would be amazing for this game. If you promise something is 'max' or 'best ever' - and available at the same time is one better - isn't that false advertising? Stop it!

·         Next is the glitches and lag. If I buy a pack and it's supposed to unlock 5 packs, I expect the packs. If you offer a free pack a day then deliver it. Waiting for days on end for what we paid for and it then being outdated means you are wasting our money. Players shouldn't have to.spend an hour redoing their hero tree every day. If I do a test 10 times and the test is the exact same then I expect 10 same results. Do you know the definition of insanity? Insanity is exactly what this has become. When am issue is brought to your attention it shouldn't take days to fix. You can program and release items twice or 3 times a day. Please take the same urgency in fixing issues.

·         The events scoring has to change! Players spend tons of money to win events or complete inferno events. The prize for these events are completely useless to players. And irrelevant. You are offering core chest from 2 years ago. Why???? The scoring of KE have to change. Your system is easily manipulated. A player can hold the wonder the full time and barely place in the top 10 but someone hits their farm and wins the event? Please develop a better scoring method or we the people will just stop doing the events.

We the people have spoken - Please give us our game back.


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