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Change and consistency.

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As a player community we all feel as if the constant upgrading of products in the in app purchase store change far too often. Don't get me wrong we are all addicted and love to play the game Mobile Stroke by Machine Zone. It is an addiciting, money hungry developer game. But very fun.

let me start by explaining this game and developers tactics since the start of my state. It all began with the game and company selling packs that ranged from 5$, to 10$, to 20$, to 50$, to 100$, and everywhere in between. For the first couple months the game focused on packs for their normal listed in game researches and MASS troop train. This in turn led players to buy packs and load up on a very large number of troops. In turn the company and game has since been aimed on a high paying player targeted crowd. My best way to describe it is they are "selling packs aimed at the rich". 

The problem is that once you buy a new product in the in App Store for the game it is only the newest product for its category for an average of a week tops, pressuring and in a way forcing players with big pockets to spend money constantly to keep up with the game and have the freshest items. This applies to many different item categories so basically every 3 days on average something new comes out to replace what you just bought that was new. 

Players are tired of this money hungry tactic that the game/company is doing to its players, its investors, its big spending in app purchasers. We are being targeted. We are being unfairly pressured to buy the newest product consistently to keep up with the games ridiculous updating pace. You buy the newest mod set just for a new one to come out a week later. You buy the newest attack gear just for one better to come out a week later, as these are just a few examples. Yes we agree game progress is a must and makes for a better gaming experience, but we believe the pace at which this is being done is absurd and aimed for the big spenders only. We ask that you please keep new items for more than a week and that you slow the pace of the game down. We ask that we are allowed to enjoy a new item that we have purchased for a much longer duration of time without something new coming out so quick. We ask that you take into consideration we do enjoy spending money on your in app purchases but will not continue to do so if you continue to rapidly progress so quickly and not allow us to enjoy the new items we purchased for no longer than a week. We ask that you have please hear these words and take this into consideration. 

Remember without us you have nothing. 

Thanks, your beloved gamers. 



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