Shift MacEwan Classes to Online During COVID-19 Pandemic

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To prevent the spread of COVID-19, many universities are closing their classes. The fact that MacEwan is not is putting students at an unnecessary risk. This petition is helping high-risk people, including immunocompromised people, older people, children and people with already existing medical problems. 

More resources to contact MacEwan if you are concerned:

Health, Safety and Environment
Veronica Izsak
Executive Assistant to the President, Office of the President
780-497-5111 |


[MacEwan’s response to COVID-19 is unacceptable.] While [we] recognize that MacEwan does not have large class sizes [we] believe that keeping campus open is remarkably irresponsible. Many students rely on public transit to get to campus which is obviously a risk in the current health crisis. Furthermore [we believe tha]t it is imperative that we consider the needs of students with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. To expect these students who are extremely vulnerable to continue to commute and attend class is beyond irresponsible and degrading. MacEwan needs to put its students first. [We are] asking that the university reconsider its stance during this situation and move classes to an online format for the time being.

Source: Karis Dimas-Lehndorf, Facebook