Malta to put Macedonia and Serbia on AMBER list ❗️

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With more then 15 000 Macedonians and Serbians working and living in Malta we are requesting Maltese Government to put Macedonia and Serbia on the Amber list! Past year and a half we all have difficulty to travel home or some of our relatives to come to visit us in Malta because of the Covid19. So making the Amber list we was hoping finally we can visit our relatives or they can visit us. But our two countries are not in this list unfortunately.

It is a bit NONSENSE Macedonia & Serbia to be out of this list when in the two countries the number of Covid19 cases is extremely low. Less then 4 people on 100К!

As well there is no indication of the new types of the Corona virus such as African or Indian.

Putting this two countries in the AMBER list will help the families to reunited after more then year and a half.

We are waiting the answer from the Maltese Government.