Dog parks macedon ranges!!

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With the number of dog lovers not looking like it will ever subside, many councils are beginning to follow this trend and cater for the thousands of dog owners in their area. The Macedon Ranges has just brought in the 'no leash rule' for all dogs. Ofcourse we can't just let our dogs off, due to dangerous roads. I believe Macedon Ranges is due to receive some well earnt dog havens where dogs a safe to play, run and socialise.

Many of us have to drive 45+ minutes just to let our dogs off the lead. There are many vacent areas I believe that are very suitable. I say kyneton is directly in the middle, with the new estate being built in Campaspe Dr it's a perfect area. It's right near the botanical gardens and there is even a bus stop right near the 100s of meters of vacent grass land. 

Let's see if our local council and member of parliament can listen to the needs of the community and make this happen!