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Stop testing on animals, and stop using animal products in your cosmetics

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MAC is one of the most popular makeup brands worldwide, constantly being funded by amateur makeup enthusiasts to professional makeup artists. MAC has a reputation of being a very high-end, "good quality" makeup brand which many people instantly gravitate towards because of its well known name. What a large majority of people are blind to, is the fact that MAC cosmetics (along with many other well known brands) test their products on animals to observe any of the detrimental side effects that may arise before being allowed for human use.

There ARE many existing alternatives to testing on animals, which do not cause any harm to any creature and do not involve any malicious, murderous or selfish acts. There are a great number of successful companies that are against animal testing, and use alternative methods of testing. For more information on these alternatives, look at the following link by PETA, informing on the many alternative methods that can be used:

Many brands including MAC cosmetics also use animal products in the composition of their makeup. A couple of examples of frequently used ingredients by the makeup industry include; dead animal carcasses (tallow, in skin makeup, eye makeup products, lipsticks, etc), crushed cochineal insects (carmine, which is often found in lipsticks and eyeshadows for its pigmented red colour), ground up chicken feet and animal horns (collagen, often in skin products) and many many more. 

MAC cosmetics are most definitely not the only company that test their products on unwilling animals and that use animal derivatives in their products, but they are a highly funded brand which should be setting an example by being a cruelty-free, animal friendly company. When a MAC cosmetic is bought, the company is receiving money and fuel to continue testing on animals, and using dead animal products in the "good quality" makeup that we put on our faces.

If we convince MAC cosmetics to stop this, we would have significantly increased animal welfare, and can begin to completely reduce the amount of funding that goes towards killing and destroying the lives of innocent animals on a daily basis. By tackling a large brand, we can gradually make a difference and stop the suffering that society is UNKNOWINGLY ENCOURAGING on a daily basis.

Please sign this petition and share it with as many people as you can to do your bit to put AN END to all the animal suffering that occurs for the superficial benefit of humans.

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