Maastricht University Online Exam Proctoring

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As a result of distance learning Maastricht University has started to use online exam proctoring. As many students have experienced proctoring has led to difficulties in taking the exams. It has added extra stress to students during their exams as well as threatened the privacy of students. Proctoring allows for students to be monitored in their own home and forces students to chose between passing their exams and having their privacy protected. The software is similar to malware in that it allows for others to have access to one’s computer and in most cases students are not aware to the extent there privacy is breached. UM's own legal department has acknowledged the potential privacy issues with using such software!

So far, Proctorio (the software used by UM) has produced multiple problems for students. Students have reported being logged out of the program automatically or having their WiFi cut out. These problems with the software can have disastrous consequences on a student’s exam and subsequently their ability to pass a course. This added stress by using a system with known glitches has a negative impact on student wellbeing.

The Maastricht Student Union wants to stand up against proctoring and its obvious risks to student privacy and wellbeing. Sign this petition to make your voice heard against proctoring and to motivate the university into looking for better alternatives!

Alternatives do exist! Examination methods that better reflect the unique nature of UM's educational structure are possible and would eliminate the need for monitoring. These methods could include papers instead of exams as well as moving a way from the single final exam method.