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Cypress Field must remain natural GRASS for all to use

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We view ourselves as stewards of Cypress Field & Playground’s 1871 Deed which define these grounds as “Public grounds to use, improve, and maintain for the public use forever for a public square, common or playground, not otherwise.

  • We signers of this petition are committed to keeping the surface of Cypress Park- Field and Playground a natural grass field and preserve the intent of its 1871 Deed. Cypress Field for over 140 years has been used by Brookline residents as well as town-wide sports.
  • Artificial turf does not make sense at Cypress Field for many reasons.

Brookline needs more green space, not less, and replacing grass with plastic surface reduces true green space.

  • It is well documented & confirmed by extensive scientific studies that those living in urban areas need proximity to natural green space to maintain mental & physical well-being. 
  • Students learn better when they are regularly in natural outdoor spaces.  More green space means better air quality & environmental health.   Green space is tight in Brookline especially in & near Cypress Park, over 2100+ Brookline High students attend school, where condos,  apartments & closely placed housing ring this neighborhood as well.

Brookline has long been a leader in environmental matters!  We have a plastic bag ban, have incentivized solar electricity and rainwater collection, andhave taken other initiates in favor of a truly green town. That's how we should approach the reconstruction of Cypress field.

Replacing Natural Grass for a majority of the Cypress Field with artificial turf is inconsistent with Brookline's commitment to the environment.

  • Any artificial turf field becomes an environmental hotspot in warm weather averaging between 20-40 degrees higher than the actual outside temperature.
  • Food & drink will not be allowed on any artificial turf field for any occasion whether informal lunches, picnics or concerts.  Dog walking is forbidden as well.

The 1871 Deed define these grounds as public grounds for use by everyone.

  • Removing the grass & installing artificial turf will elevate the use by one group (sports teams), and severely limit any use by all other Brookline residents.
  • We believe all Brookline residents have an equal right to use Cypress Field equally for their recreational purposes as reflected in the Cypress Field Deed.

The Science & Financial Costs:

Accounting for the full process, the estimated costs of installing, maintaining, and replacing plastic turf when it wears out has not be clearly delineated, nor has costs associated with park staff available to water the artificial turf on high temperature sunny days when the plastic turf becomes dangerously hot and NOT usable, as well as monitoring closely wildlife, their waste & 'kills' and human body functions regarding sickness and injuries that occur & creating health issues that with a natural grass field is not an issue but artificial turf needs to be decontaminated.

LET’S COMPARE APPLES TO APPLES: This Artificial turf concept should not be measured against our current poorly maintained field but against a better-maintained grass field that would be required.

A well maintained grass field with proper drainage design can work as an effective sports field as it does at other locations. It can work in Brookline if we make a commitment and are serious about it. _______________________________________________________________

In conclusion:

  • Artificial Turf is a short sighted solution to increasing sport usage. It creates a heat island & increases our carbon foot print.  It decreases natural habitats for birds & other creatures we enjoy, and decreases places for our residents to experience nature in our highly- paved city.
  • We cherish and maintain as Brookline's residents the ongoing legacy of a 140 +  year old grass field that has served Brookline residents’ recreational use, and we support those concepts expressed in that 1871 Cypress Park-Field-Playgrounds for our residents, and the generations to follow.
  • We, the undersigned Brookline Residents are opposed to Artificial Turf in any form replacing any part of the current natural grass field that is part of the CYPRESS FIELD- PARK and PLAYGROUND.

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