Opposition to W18011-Plan of Proposed Subdivision. No RV allowed unless you build by 2024

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The RM of Mervin is proposing Bylaw No. 94-4, known as the Zoning Bylaw (ZB).

This means if you own property you will not be allowed to have a RV vehicle on it unless you build by 2024.  

You will be forced to build on the land (no trailers) decreasing the number of potential buyers should you decide to sell.  

As a taxpayer Sign the petition to oppose the bylaw regulating what you do with your property.

You are also encouraged to write the RM prior to June 21, 2018 with your objections prior to their meeting.  email: m499@rmofmervin.com

Public Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Rural Municipality (RM) of Mervin No. 499 intends to adopt one (1) bylaw under the Planning and Development Act, 2007, to amend Bylaw No. 94-4, known as the Zoning Bylaw (ZB).


The proposed ZB amendment will regulate the number and use of recreational vehicles (RVs) on parcels within the municipality and associated regulations, general campground regulations, discretionary use evaluation criteria, prohibit certain accessory buildings within the RV District, and clarify some definitions.

ZBA Bylaw. Public Notice

Bylaw 2018-11