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M. Yvone Evans- ICE Field Office Director: Stop the Deportation of Ceila Yanory Robles Bustillo (A#098896589)


Mrs. Ceila Robles Bustillo, will be ripped apart from her family on July 16, 2013 and deported to Honduras. She has been a Fairfax, VA resident since 2005. She is the mother of a US citizen son, an active member of her Church, and an important voice for immigrants in her community. Honduras is a very dangerous country where her family is extorted by gang members- her cousin was killed last year.

Deporting Celia poses a threat to her son Hendrick who suffers from numerous medical problems. He has had two different surgeries for his ears and misses school often. Hendrick now will be separated from his mother on the day before his 7th birthday.

Ceila’s removal from the country would be an alarming violation of the principles of family unity. This nightmare started after she was caught driving without a driver’s license. The reason she drove the day she was stopped is that her husband had just undergone eye surgery. Ceila already has a plane ticket to Honduras for Tuesday July 16, 2013. ICE Field Directors and officials must take action to stop the separation of this family THIS WEEK!

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    M. Yvone Evans

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