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Let us work for political system responsive to People of India

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Let us ponder over our political system in the country. In the current system the Prime Minister including the cabinet of Ministers who rule the country are not directly answerable to the public i.e., the People. The rulers are answerable to the Legislators ie., Members of Parliament who actually elect the Prime Minister. Same is the case with the Chief Ministers who rule the States / Provinces. In other words, the People of India can't elect directly the persons who rule the country. This means the king makers are the legislators i.e., MLAs at the provincial level and MPs at the Central level.
The job of the legislators should not be king making. They are supposed act as check on the Government and also represent the constituencies that elect them to ensure their development. Now what is happening in our country? The legislators are busy with king making and don't bother about their constituencies. The Ruler either at the Centre or State is always busy in ensuring that the bunch of legislators who support them are happy and satisfied in order to keep themselves in power. In the entire bargain the real People are forgotten.
The People have no choice but to remain on-lookers even in case the Ruler happens to be of not their choice. All of us are aware of this kind of situation which occurred in Bihar some years ago. Then the ruling Chief Minister was convicted of corrupt practices in a fodder scam and jailed. He, however, managed to get his wife installed as Chief Minister even after he was removed from power, simply because his bunch of MLAs who are the real king makers elected his wife to the position of Chief Minister.
Can this happen in any other country?
The current system of parliamentary democracy does not seem to suit us. We the people of India need to elect the Rulers in a direct election. In such an event the Rulers will be answerable to Public / People and shall not be bothered to satisfy the legislators to keep himself / herself in power.
Once we have the system of direct elections, all the power brokers and those who encash the king making power shall be out of the scene. Then, only those who are really interested in representing their constituencies and serve people shall stand in elections for legislators. Then the play of money power in elections shall also be curtailed because the elected legislators shall not be king makers.
If we need to have the above system of direct elections, the Constitution of India needs to be amended accordingly. Let us make a beginning to work in this direction. This may not be an easy task; but it is worth fighting for.

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