Petition Closed

This program gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the many agricultural and environmental challenges facing food production in the 21st century. Students will emerge at the forefront of this critical subject and will be prepared to grow food themselves or contribute to the country and the world as innovative problem solvers and catalysts for positive change in this new paradigm of food production. In addition to practical agricultural curriculum, the program includes courses in sociology to assist students in understanding the cultural and community aspects of sustainable food production.
The M State administration has decided to "suspend" this program at the end of its third year because it's not making the college money yet (except for the publicity and community it's been building). Sue Wika, the director of the Sustainable Food Production program, has secured a substantial partnership and financial support for the college and the program in the event that it be continued, but still the administration at M State Fergus Falls has chosen to not continue the program. For more information about this program and efforts to keep educating students about sustainable food production, visit, a student's blog at An Engineer In Sustainable Agriculture, or visit the facebook page.

Letter to
Peggy Kennedy, President Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Fergus Falls
Kathy Brock, CAO Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Fergus Falls
Please reinstate the Sustainable Food Production program at M State. This program is important to the community and the country to teach students to think critically as they produce, sell and consume food and other products. To suspend it or offer "customized classes" makes it difficult or impossible for students to commit to a program in which they're not guaranteed all the classes, which work synergistically together. We feel that the decision to suspend the program is short-changing the community and the college primarily. We understand that the college is getting funding cuts. This program is not expensive to run and now offers substantial financial and public support to the college. As a community college, such a community-building program is a gem; please don't throw it out with the trash. Reinstate the Sustainable Food Production program!