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Stop the rededication of the Fort Fairfield High Gym to Larry Gardner

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Fort Fairfield Middle/High School has recently announced its intentions to rededicate the high school gymnasium in honor of Larry Gardner. Larry has been both a teacher and Coach within the school for quite some time and an upstanding member of the community. Except there's more to Larry than that. See quite some time ago in the 90's, there was an incident where Larry was caught in an affair with a girl who was both underage and his student. Despite having been caught it was basically decided a underage student was able to give consent and nothing was ever done. They brushed it charges were pressed and his job stayed intact. I never knew her very well...but I remember. Since then Larry has been allowed not only to still teach but to also coach girls basketball. The years that followed have been pretty much nothing but one girl after another...while not coming out and accusing, talking about the things he'd say in the locker room. the way he looks at them....the way he acts.....and hints of more. Not that anybody would come out. Gardner is an awfully good name in a small town. Incident number one can attest. Now there's going to be a gym named after him. One the current batch of kids have to walk into every day. One the girls of previous years....many of them mothers still have to walk into. taking their daughters....dropping them off to this school....who would tell them this man is an idol. They shouldn't have to deal with that. I shouldn't have to send my daughters to school (no not his school but if you let one...) telling them daddy will keep them safe...knowing that I'm leaving them in the care of people who would respond to them being abused by not only allowing the man responsible to keep his job....but to reward him with a gymnasium. So if you've ever been a victim of his, were made to feel afraid by the shady words of the man who was supposed to make you feel safe. Had to suffer his gaze in the locker room. If you know somebody who has. If you've known this man or if you just care....don't let the man have the gym

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