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Stop abuse in public transport,get partitions in buses

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Metropolitan Transport Corporation of Chennai has one of the largest fleet of 4000 buses with a number of users soaring up to 5crore passengers per day.I travel by bus every day to work.Unfortunately, my office is located at Taramani the IT hub of Chennai.Though the frequency of buses from Guindy to Taramani is pretty high, The bus gets easily crowded.I myself was prone to sexual abuse frequently while traveling, and trust me its, not something that any girl can tolerate.Many of them choose not to react because of the innate fear which few men take an advantage of.Many people avoid taking the bus because of the crowd and women especially because of the sexual abuse that they may be vulnerable to in a crowded bus.This issue makes all the women rethink about the choice of taking public commute to work during busy hours.It also becomes very difficult for a female passenger to board and deboard the bus because of few foot board tormenters to women.I am not a Feminist who is writing a petition to ask for a ladies special bus.All that I ask for is a separate reservation for ladies and Gents. A neat and clean system followed by the State of Kerala, State of Karnataka, State of Andhra Pradesh where the women passengers seats are reserved in the first portion of the bus and allowed to use the front side of the door of the bus and the men passengers are strictly not allowed to use the front portion of the public bus.This is a brilliant idea that can be easily adopted by all without any need of remodeling.This might not seem like big cause for to fight but I believe this solution when implemented would improve the public commute experience for all.


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