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Students were ill-prepared for the end of year examination of BMD 115 (The Human cell for BMD990), not entirely because of prior individual preparation or lack of effort but due to a lack of available and suitable resources to prepare for the exam.

Practice papers uploaded onto the module page have no basis for comparison against the examination taken today (14th May 2018). Specificity of questions, as well as the coverage of the breadth of knowledge from the module in today's exam, was worlds apart in comparison to the practice questions uploaded through the module page and those embedded in some lectures.

Furthermore, the cohort was told further practice, in addition to the specimen papers, would be available to prepare for this exam. However, this was never done and students only used the two specimen papers, one of which was almost completely irrelevant to the module content for 2017/2018.

Lack of available practice, ill-informed students at no fault of their own and the drastically altered question format inevitably made this a much harder than anticipated exam. We request that amendments be made to scaling and marking of this exam to prevent students from being disadvantaged.

Thank You

From everyone in BMD990 (1st Year)

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