Rehire Dr. Adam Mahonske at Morgan State University

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A recent decision made by the Morgan State University Music Departments staff has left many students and alumni in great disbelief, despair, and disappointment. As a staple of Morgan State Universities Music Department, Dr. Adam Mahonske has not only been a dedicated professor to the department for over two decades, but he has also donated his time and services to the recording and photoing of the various bands and choirs at Morgan State, as well as accompanying senior recitals, rigorously coaching and tutoring students in his spare time, as well as teaching non-music majors the joy of music. Dr. Mahonske is a genius musician and educator in his own right and he does not deserve to be outed from the university because of a few complaints from those who don't take him or his class seriously. He is the type of professor that will not quit on you even if you quit on yourself, and even though he can be a tad quirky, what great professor isn't? Dr. Mahonske has enriched the lives of thousands of students with his teaching, coaching, and playing. Whether they realize it sooner or later, any student that takes him seriously will always walk away from his classes with a greater understanding and appreciation for music overall. Be it music theory, ear training, sight singing, music history, etc. Dr. Mahonske is top-tier at making sure his students understand his material. This can be proven by the large amount of alumni that can attest to his methods. Just look at those who have taken Mahonske and have gone on to be great singers, composers, theorists, performers, doctors of music, and teachers, the list goes on and on. We, the past and present students of Dr. Adam Mahonske, urge you to strongly reconsider the decision of firing him, not only for the betterment of the current students, but for the future of the Music Department at Morgan State.