Replace Lyons Township High School’s Plastic Utensils with Eco-Friendly Alternative

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Plastic waste has been in the news lately. Social media is abuzz with pictures of straws in turtles’ nostrils, seabird carcasses that are more plastic than bird, and seahorses gripping plastic forks with their tails. The Pacific Garbage patch continues to grow larger as plastic is dumped into the ocean. It is already three times larger than the size of France. Plastic not only harms the marine ecosystem, but it harms people as well. Plastic leeches onto toxins better than most materials, toxins that are passed to the animals eating the plastic. These toxins go up the food chain, and end up in our bodies. Here’s how we can make a change. Single use plastics such as plastic forks are one of the worst culprits of plastic pollution, as they are not recyclable and thrown away after one use. Some school systems have begun using biodegradable utensils made of alternative materials to plastic. For a school like Lyons Township High School, switching to biodegradable utensils would prevent thousands of pieces of plastic waste from harming our ecosystem for only a few cents more than we already pay. This is one idea. We could also switch to using reusable metal utensils rather than disposable ones, which would eliminate our waste from utensils altogether. Your signatures will be provided to Dr. Brian Waterman as evidence that the LT student body supports replacing the current plastic cafeteria utensils. High school students can make positive changes in the world. This is how.