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Get rid of Diamond Security! And open the stinking terminal after 10 PM!

Their treatment of people at the station is at best, thugs, and at worst, bullies with no professionalism oro so much as a shred of decency for anyone but themselves and their friends. I have witnessed their treatment of people as so far below unprofessional, I just do not have a desciption. The police play yes man to them- anything these people cook up, the cops play right along. I have seen stray dogs treated better, no exaggeration. I and my month old daughter were harassed by these rent a cops! yes- you read that right. In caps: MY 2 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER. They thought it was hilarious. It's enough going into that rotting hole they call a bathroom with an infant without having a bunch of bullies breathing down my neck, screaming (yes... screaming) at me, and using a strobe light on me (which would have made things oh so much more fun if I was an epileptic), All because I was getting a bottle of water, and the terminal was closing AT 10. It was a sight I wish I had video of. I have a pic, but when I tried to get a pic of the offenders, they strobed that damn light in my eyes. I have that, at least. At least I got the water so I could make a little more formula- AFTER they threw us off the property- *and* my friends, who were visiting from NC.

I have already contacted the FBI on something I discovered on an unrelated internet search: The color of law abuse. Basically, security guards and others like them who abuse their power are investigtated by the FBI- so in addition to signing this petition of you have felt the love of Diamond Security, give the FBI a ring or email, and make SURE we all get our points across to Lynx. I already sent my email to the FBI in.

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