Save our heritage way of life and homes

Save our heritage way of life and homes

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Started by Lynsey Charlton

West Berkshire council are planning to refurbish four houses for ( gypsy and traveler site burghfield ) which is in much need of work however they say they can’t/ won’t do this while families are still living there forcing families to move into houses on council estates in west Berkshire and live a way of life they’ve never known.

legislation states families under mobiles homes act should be offered to be moved to another traveler site. Some have lived here all there lives.

i myself have lived on four houses corner for 16yrs my children were all born here, since 2014 I have run my business fro here licenced by west Berkshire but they now inform me I will no longer be able to do this and told me ‘ you will have to give up your business and claim benefits to support your family.

although the families and myself are extremely great full for the refurbishment no one wants to move on housing estates and feel our rights are not being heard.

please sign this petition to keep our families in our homes. 

347 have signed. Let’s get to 500!