Norm Jary Park - Cat Shelters

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 We are requesting a small area of Norm Jary Park to place winterized shelters and a feeding station during the winter months.

Winter months: October 15 - May 15

Recently, all shelters and feeding stations were removed from a nearby business, completely displacing an entire colony of cats. 

This colony has always lived on this property, have only ever been fed by humans (feeding stations provided on property) and are kept alive by the shelters that I have provided (with the exception of two) on this property for over a decade!

In the month of October, 2018 ALL shelters and feeding stations were removed. 

These cats are HOMELESS!

3 years ago we trapped, spayed/neutered and vaccinated 30 cats. Placing them in a TNR Program and released them back into their colony. This program works! 3 years later and the colony has decreased by 60%.

This colony needs  to be in a monitored environment, until it no longer exists. Without a closely monitored environment, this colony will MASS MULTIPLE.

One female cat can have up to 21 kittens per year!

One  female cat will have 180 kittens in their lifetime. 

3 females in this colony still need to be spayed. 

By the end of 2019,  if these three females have not been spayed, this area of Guelph WILL be back up to 60+ cats.  These numbers do not include the number of females that will be “dumped” in the area, nor do they include the first set of kittens maturing and having their own kittens within the first year. Potentially, 100+ cats!

These animals DESERVE a chance at life.

They DESERVE to be captured, altered and released back or adopted into colonies so that they too can live their life.

These cats are a living animal that has never caused an issue in our community, please do not sign their death certificates by denying this request. 

 Could you kindly take a moment and signed the petition.

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