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Save Mountfleurie SALC (Speech and Language Class)

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Mountfleurie SALC is a class where Vulnerable Children with SPECIFIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGE IMPAIRMENT Attend 3 DAYS a Week and 2 days at their Mainstream School.This Class provides all thier Support needs and Consistency and also Resources for Learning and the ONE to ONE time these Kids need that their MAINSTREAM SCHOOL cant offer.If they could this Class would never have been Opened all these Years ago and still going Strong. This Class was Opened because MAINSTREAM SCHOOLS could'nt give the Children the Support ,Time and Resources they need. No Parent wants their Children to miss out on their Mainstream School but we also want whats best for the Children .We want the Children to get the full Proper Education and to over come their SLI this can be done and the Children being able to lead a normal life and reach thier full Potential.

FIFE COUNCIL EDUCATION SERVICES and NHS FIFE now have decided that there is no longer any need for the class as a OUTREACH approach would work which means the children would be put back into their MAINSTREAM SCHOOL 5 DAYS A WEEK with an OUTREACH APPROACH. How is this going to work ? YES OUTREACH can work for some who have minimal problems and can benifit for help with days here and there to solve their specific problems. Where is the evidence to say after all these years that OUTREACH will work for the more vulnerable children ? . This class was opened for a reason and YES this class works, hundreds of children over the years have benefited from this service , so why all off a sudden its not needed and working . Where is the evidence that its not WORKING ?

Why was the class opened all those years ago if MAINSTREAM SCHOOL can cope with specific learning difficulties and the support that the children need. Exactly the schools could'nt they dont have the Time to give the Children ONE to ONE and Mainstream Teachers dont have the qualifications or understanding, to help the children with learning difficulties and disabilities.Teacher Training does not teach teachers about SLI about recognising SLI or other learning difficulties or disabilities or the training to teach a child with SLI So if this is the case that children with an SLI is put back into Mainstream School every teacher will need to be re trained to pick up a child with an SLI and be able to teach a child with an SLI which is going to be impossible as they don't have the time to do this especially One to Ones Constantly as they have a lot more other Children to Teach too.So whats going to happen now ? . These vulnerable children are going to be put back into a mainstream class full of children ( 20-32 kids ) who will be well more advanced so whats going to happen to them they are going to be left isolated and been giving work at a rate that they cant do themselves , even with the help of OUTREACH these kids will not be given the best EDUCATION and help to push them to their full potential.

The big thing here is the childrens mental health. we have evidence to show how exactly failing EDUCATION could have a big impact on the childrens mental state .
The class needs to be saved the children deserve the best start in life and the best EDUCATION possible. The quicker the children are picked up and worked on , then there is a better chance for them. The SALC and STAFF do amazing work and have helped children dramatically THE SALC CLASS DOES WORK this is what these children need not OUTREACH.

There is always going to be children that have SLI we need to FIGHT to keep this opened for them and the children of the future and the children already in the SALC CLASS. School's cant cope or educate these vulnerable children they need the support, time and consistency for it to work in the MAINSTREAM SCHOOLS.

Imagine yourself sitting struggling to understand the concept of LANGUAGE struggling to read and write and not being able to talk or have a speech problem in a class of up to 30 children how would you feel ?. How are these children going to cope ? .Low self esteem , the feeling of being stupid. Mental health thats that WORD again , Dont let you child or any other child ever experience this due to this failure . At the end of the day this is DEFINITELY down to BUDGET or making the TEACHERS numbers up, they are mucking about with these childrens lives just to save money they cant get away with this , this has to be the reason where is the evidence that OUTREACH WORKS. They know for a fact the SALC CLASS WORKS.

They dont have the EVIDENCE to support that this class doesn't work and they also don't have the evidence that an OUTREACH CLASS for the Vulnerable children work.

Why are they wanting to do this to our children ? They need to be stopped we need to fight for these Vulnerable Children Present and Future they deserve the best,all Children deserve the best EDUCATION


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