Stop Lyndhurst High School From Eliminating Sign Language

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Stop Lyndhurst High School From Eliminating Sign Language

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Due to the resignation of the High School's American Sign Language (ASL) teacher, Lyndhurst (NJ) High School (LHS) has decided to remove the offering of ASL and instead replace it with Italian.

We believe that this action is completely unfair to the students, and we ask that the LHS Board of Education reinstate ASL as a foreign language option for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

It is undeniable that a large majority of the ASL students this past year not only enjoyed the course, but believed that it's education and social value makes it a hugely worthwhile offering.  There are many stories of students that had no interest in traditional foreign languages (like Spanish or Italian) but completely immersed themselves in ASL.  For these many students, this change is a heartbreaking and disappointing action.

Practically speaking, this also causes a substantial dilemma for the college-bound students in LHS.  Most colleges now require a minimum of 2 consecutive years of a foreign language for admission.  This means that students that completed ASL this past year now have to take 2 more years of a different foreign language to meet this college requirement.  And it means that the one completed year of ASL is practically useless on their High School transcript.  In all fairness to these students, as a bare minimum LHS should offer ASL 2 this upcoming year so that these students can continue to build their knowledge of this very important language, and at the same time complete a college requirement in a subject that they enjoy and believe in.

We are asking that Lyndhurst Board of Education reinstate ASL for the 2016-2017 school year to allow these students to complete their college requirement and the become proficient at this very important language skill.

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