Stop the Lynden "CoronaVirus Parade" Immediately Before It's Too Late

Stop the Lynden "CoronaVirus Parade" Immediately Before It's Too Late

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Courtney Jones started this petition to Lynden City Officials and

Julie Beld Anderson and Brittani Beld Nunnikhoven, owners of Two Sisters Koffie in Lynden, are planning a disastrous protest

They are calling hundreds of people to protest and rally on May 9th. In the middle of a Pandemic. We need your help today to stop this. 

This disaster is planned for Saturday, May 9th in Lynden, Washington.

Currently, over 500 people have set to attend. 

This protest MUST be stopped immediately. Before it causes another explosion of deadly outbreaks. Far worse than just Lynden.

Please help by sharing immediately with friends. Healthcare workers and doctors, please share with co-workers.

This will be devastating during this pandemic. The CDC has directly stated to avoid large gatherings. Local Republicans and Democrats both believe this is a horrible idea.  

Lynden's population is 19.6% elderly people. These people are at HIGH risk for CoronaVirus complications and death. They have no choice here. These protest organizers are holding them hostage by organizing such a disturbing protest.

This rally will have disastrous effects. 

Do you realize, Julie and Brittani, Lynden is 19.6% elderly?

Do you realize that neither of you are virologists? That neither of you are epidemiologists?

Do you get that elderly people have an extreme risk of dying from COVID-19?

Do you understand that infected elderly people in Lynden have already died? That infected residents of Lynden Manor nursing home have died? 

Do you understand how selfish it is to promote this?

Do you understand this has nothing to do with "Republican" or "Democrat"? 

Do you understand that INTELLIGENT citizens of Lynden do not want this? 

Do you understand that Republican AND Democrat doctors believe this is a horrible idea? 

Do you realize two people at Lynden Manor have died, and 8 more tested positive for CoronaVirus? How would you explain your protest to their families? Your decision of bringing hundreds of people together unsafely? How would you face their children? 

Do you understand that you'll be at fault for more community spread? 

Do you understand that the 19.6% of people in Lynden, the elderly, don't get to choose? They don't get to choose if they get infected by something you organize? 

Do you understand elderly people in nursing homes are TERRIFIED because of people like you?

*Do you realize that you had to specifically ask people to leave their Nazi flags at home?*

Do you realize there was a cross burning in Lynden as recently as 1994?

Do you realize the biggest Ku Klux Klan meeting in Washington State was held in Lynden, in 1925?

What kind of people are you expecting at your rally that you have to remind your own supporters not to bring Nazi flags? 

Do you realize your decision may cost many people their lives? 

Do you realize people might lose their grandparents and parents because of you?

Do you realize a parade in Philadelphia gave thousands more people the deadly Spanish Flu?

Do you understand that your actions will have a permanent and devastating affect on the community? And far beyond Lynden? 

Do you realize what "Going viral" means? 

Do you get the irony of saying "We invited people a few days ago, and it went viral and we really didn't expect it to be that popular.."? 

Do you understand "Going viral" means something spreads really, really, really fast, at an exponential rate?

Do you understand that is what viruses do? Like the CoronaVirus? Which is why it's called "Going Viral"? 

Do you understand that when you say "And it went viral, and we really didn't expect it to, umm, be that popular.." how this could also happen with a real virus? The whole "going viral" thing?

Do you understand that you do NOT speak for your community?

Julie Beld Anderson and Brittani Beld Nunnikhoven, owners of Two Sisters Koffie in Lynden: Please CANCEL your disastrous protest immediately. Before it's too late. 

Don't try to "throw off the haters" - end this horrifically irresponsible and extremely dangerous protest.

Dear residents of Whatcom County, please share this far and wide. This is one of the few times when sharing can save lives. Please sign and share immediately. We will keep everyone posted with any appropriate action taken.

Please request that Julie Beld Anderson and Brittani Beld Nunnikhoven of Two Sisters Koffie in Lynden STOP AND IMMEDIATELY CANCEL their crazy, disastrous protest and rally. 

Please ask the City of Lynden to stop needlessly endangering all of it's citizens. Especially the elderly, 19.6% of the population in Lynden

Please sign and share immediately. You'll be standing up for people who are not being given the choice. You are standing up for elderly people locked in their rooms in a nursing home, terrified of people like the Two Sisters Koffie owners, Brittani Beld Nunnikhoven and Julie Beld Anderson.

Please sign now. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!