Honor #EricGarnersLegacy: Call to rename and revitalize Tompkinsville community park

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"Fixing this park is a fight for justice" - Legacy Garner, 6-year-old daughter of Eric Garner 

The people of Staten Island, greater New York and throughout the world propose that Tompskinville Park, next to the site where Eric Garner was murdered, be renamed to honor Eric - a loving father, horticulturist, humanitarian and lover of youth to “Eric’s Legacy Garden”.

We call for it to be revitalized into a safe space for children in the community, including Eric Garner’s youngest daughter Legacy, to learn, grow and play.

“Eric was a big family man. At holiday events he couldn’t wait to see everyone and eat. He loved helping people, his community. He loved working with the parks department and oh how he loved his mother. He loved to provide for his family. It is unfortunate that Legacy will never get to fully experience his character first hand” - Jewel Miller, Legacy Garner's mother

We are petitioning Lynda Ricciardone, Staten Island Parks and Recreation Commissioner to adopt our outlined proposal at the request of community voices that live, work and play within this locale.

  • Big rock with “unapologetic rock of justice” engraved for stability  
  • Children’s playground and basketball court for play
  • Community garden for growth

We start this petition on ThanksGiving, in the name of our Indigenous people. We rightfully take our land back. The constant blood shed of Indigenous and Black people here in America by the hands of the “powers that be”  must be accounted for and come to a halt. 

“We stand as a collective with the demand to heal the community. Our community healing can start immediately with the renaming and revitalization of the park across from where Eric Garner was murdered. We do not need more policing. We need more community funding and building. Make our community park a safe zone for children to grow. We need Eric's Legacy Garden!” - spiritchild, Maroon Party for Liberation

We invite your support by signing and sharing our call online using hashtags #EricsLegacyGarden #EricGarnersLegacy

To volunteer for our campaign you can reach out to organizers Queen Blizzy (tyblackyc.tb@gmail.com) and Jewel (MillerJew327@icloud.com)