Remove Judge in Brock Turner's Case as Tennis Coach at Lynbrook High

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In a case that shook the nation, Stanford student athlete Brock Turner was convicted of three counts of felony sexual assault in 2015. Turner had raped an unconscious woman, Chanel Miller, outside a fraternity house on campus, an act which was witnessed by two other Stanford students.

The consequences for Turner also stoked outrage - he only served 3 of 6 months in jail (out of a maximum sentence of 14 years). The judge who administered this sentence? None other than Judge Michael Aaron Persky, the first judge in California to be recalled since hired as a JV girl's tennis coach at Lynbrook High School

At the time, Persky defended his actions by saying: "A prison sentence would have a severe impact on [Brock Turner]." This is a heartless dismissal of Chanel Miller's experiences, which have left a severe impact on her - you can read the powerful letter she read to Brock Turner in court here.

We do not believe that the hiring of Mr. Persky reflects Lynbrook High School's values, nor that of the Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD). We are highly disappointed that the FUHSD considers Mr. Persky a "highly qualified applicant" due to his tennis experience. As with any job interview, experience alone is not sufficient - one must also consider the cultural fit and reception by the community of the individual.

As working at a school is one of the highest callings within our society, we urge the FUHSD to reconsider the hiring of Mr. Persky as a JV girl's tennis coach at Lynbrook High School. Furthermore, we insist that the FUHSD perform more thorough background checks going forward. In this day and age, there's no excuse for the FUHSD finding out Mr. Persky's history as a judge only as of last week (during the week of Sep 2, 2019).

We know that you will hear our voice - we stand for the youth of our community.


- Students at Lynbrook High School

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