Kits Beach: Imagine a gelato shop, kids enjoying ice cream & next door pot smoking adults!

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Idyllic Kits Beach - Imagine a gelato shop with children enjoying their ice cream and next door, a pot shop with adults smoking a joint!!!

The BOV will have a hearing on Tuesday April 24th at 3:15pm, which will be heard in City Hall, Main Building (Ground Floor). To hear an appeal by the Wealthshop Social Society against the city’s decision to not allow a ‘Retail Medical Marijuana-Related Use’ in 1518 Yew St, Vancouver.

The following is a list of our communities’ objections to the proposed ‘medical marijuana dispensary’ (however no doctor’s prescription required):

  1. Essentially, a park, a beach, a playground and a ‘pot shop’ form a dangerous mix.
  2. Pots shops attract recreational drug users who typically:
  • Smoke outside which permeates into residents’ homes with the overbearing sell of marijuana.
  • Increase litter and loitering in the immediate area.
  • Further strain parking and traffic.
  • Add noise to an already busy corner in Kits Beach.
  1. By-law banning smoking marijuana in public spaces is unenforceable. Residents at 1512 Yew St. have no choice other than to inhale second hand cigarette smoke from people directly under their balconies and windows with no recourse. The police lack the resources to enforce the current smoking By-laws, the same would be true of marijuana.
  2. The Kitsilano neighborhood currently offers 4 dispensaries, in more appropriate business focused locations. These shops are within a few blocks of the proposed site and do, theoretically, provide more then adequate service for any current need for immediate access to medical marijuana.
  3. We feel that legal issues need to be defined by common sense and enforceable policies and laws. As federal, provincial and municipal governments move toward the legalization of marijuana it remains imperative that well thought out policies and laws cascade down through the governing bodies to guide us.

Krish, the appellant, identifies in his submission to BOV that our references (Kits Beach community) to smell security and access to minors are speculative and invalid. In fact our objections are accurate as identified by 4 of the businesses that operate around his Wealthshop Social Society, unit #104-4545 W 10th Avenue, Vancouver. After visiting the shop and speaking to the businesses, they identified a variety of issues including;

  1. Overpowering odors. Apparently they had requested repeatedly that the building manager repair the venting. To date, this issue has not been resolved.
  2. ‘Junk’ outside the building including drug paraphernalia and refuse from patrons of the shop.
  3. People smoking and generally loitering outside adjoining businesses, alleys and car park.
  4. Security concerns: The shop was broken into, with windows smashed, in November 2017.

One of the patrons of Dr. Bin Xie, Sassamat Dental said “Mommy why does it smell so bad in here?”

In conclusion our Kits Beach community would wish to ask that the BOV understand fully how negative a pot shop would be in this small residential community; across the road from the beach, swimming pool, park and kids playground.


Lyn Temperley, for Kits Beach community.