Demand acknowledgement of abuse & accountability from Chappaqua Central School District

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Dr. McKay has "retired".

Dr. Lyn McKay has "retired". Proof that speaking truth to power actually works. Before we are overly complacent, let's remember we still have a school board in place that called us "sick dogs" for trying to fight for justice for our community's children. There is still much work to be done, but this is a victory to be sure. There is a school board meeting tomorrow night, November 1st, and I encourage each and every person who signed this petition to make your voice heard loud and clear, whether in person, through email, or by phone. Demand a real investigation into what happened done by professionals who are qualified and who do not report to the District or Board. Demand acknowledgement and a real plan going forward to make sure this never happens again. Demand accountability.

Cortney Miller
4 years ago