Encourage outdoor fitness in Lyme Regis Park

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We are a small family run fitness business based in Lyme Regis, we offer a range of different health benefitting services to local people at an affordable price! From one of us suffering very bad mental health ourself a few years ago and reaching out to Fitness as a therapy, we have changed our life, we like to specialise in improving the mental welfare of people that otherwise may be struggling. We have had several clients all work with us due to anxiety or depression and are now fully benefitting from what exercise has enabled them to do. With mental health problems becoming so much worse especially in young men we want to be able to reach these people and provide them with some positivity and coping methods. 

We live directly opposite a beautiful playing field which was kindly donated to the youth of the town by a local lady in her will, when she owned the land there was a covanant placed on it that no trade shall take place on the land. This covenant dates back to 1934!!! Since 1934 the levels of obesity in this country are extortionate, not only lowering the life expectancy of people but costing our NHS due to an increase of conditions such as; high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. We attended a town council meeting to ask permission to exercise people for maximum 1 hour here and there without disturbance to the community or taking business from anyone else to which we were turned away with a NO! Yes we are a trading business BUT we do this for the benefit of others and gain pleasure from seeing people’s lives change for the better and whilst doing this neither myself nor my partner take any form of wage what so ever from it! The very little profit we do make goes towards our public liability insurance and the kit we use aswell as towards renting local halls in the community also. 

We would like to ask people to support what we do and sign this petitions to have the covenant over turned and deemed obsolete. The Town council have full power to do this as although they do not “Own” the land they were put in charge to “Manage” it. Many people in the law industry may even see it as a case of “as the original coventor has passed away, that the covenant passed with her” this is as the lady in question is no longer around to give her opinion on whether what we do is deemed reasonable to breach the covenant. 

The council themselves are also in breach of the covenant by allowing Lyme Regis regatta and carnival committee to hold the May Day Fete there and are trying to protect themselves by stating they run through a charity umbrella organisation. Yes the pitch fees may well go to charity BUT money that the stalls make themselves do infact go Into the business itself! This includes coffee stalls, bouncy castle stalls, hot dog/meat stalls, these are all profit making businesses. These stalls operate a full days trade at the Fete yet we are only asking for 1 hour up to 4x a week. I myself am a local coastguard which is infact a charity and I VOLUNTEER my time 24/7 to this. 

I would like the public to realise that times move on and that the said covenant is now extremely outdated and brings no benefit to this town, nor does making the covenant obsolete pose any problems to any local business or organisation, infact it opens the town up to new, exciting opportunities for everyone involved. 

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