Randwick Council: It is time to ensure safe roads for pedestrians around Queens Park

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The issues that I feel are adversely affecting the local community in Randwick & Queens Park near where I live, is the safe pedestrian access to Queens Park (a large local park with playing fields and other public amenities). Over the last 5 years I have noticed a major increase in traffic in the area and this is particularly the case at the junction of Darley Road & Market Street, where a large number of people wish to gain access to the park, especially on Saturday and Sundays when school and local club sports games are held.

1) I also worry about pedestrian access for disabled people and mothers with prams along Darley Road as you cannot walk on either side of the footpath because the park has uneven access and the other side of the road has a large amount of stairs which should be smoothed out.

2) Access to along Darley Road and Market street for pedestrians is a hazard particularly with bikes and prams and dog walkers crossing the road - i have no idea why between the Shed (cafe) and Queens Park Gourmet Pizza Cafe (corner market st and darley road) is not a pedestrian crossing rather then a random island? Why is council being so unsafe?

3) Finally the cross streets between Clovelly road, market street & gilderthorpe road should most definately be a roundabout. Australians love roundabouts. They are everywhere in Sydney roads how is this 3 ways intersection not a roundabout? How am i the first person to raise this issue?




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