HuffPost: End Your Racist and Sexist Attack… on a Crime Victim’s Family

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In 2016, a South Asian woman of color asked HuffPost’s editorial board for privacy for her fiancé. She requested they grant him a pseudonym in their article on a violent assault he survived years ago.

Rather than a pseudonym, three white male HuffPost editors responded to this request by further updating the same article, adding even more personal details on the survivor. HuffPost Standards Editor Victor Brand, Editorial Director Danny Shea, and Senior News Editor Whitney Snyder all refused a woman of color the right to privacy and dignity for her family – a request that was granted to her fiancé, survivor of a violent assault, by 135 other news sites. This racist and sexist act was backed by yet another white male, HuffPost CEO Jared Grusd.

The survivor is unable to secure work due to HuffPost’s updated content on the assault appearing at the top of Google searches of his name, greatly hurting his livelihood and his ability to provide for a family. Crime victims’ rights organizations have pleaded with HuffPost on multiple occasions to no avail.

HuffPost has complied with these requests in many such cases. Why was it denied in this case? Clearly, HuffPost is an utterly racist and sexist publication hiding under the guise of being a liberal news media outlet.

This is not the first time that the racist acts of HuffPost have been identified. In May 2016, one month after Victor Brand and the white male editors at HuffPost denied privacy to this victim’s family, it was revealed through this photo of their editors meeting, that women of color do not constitute HuffPost’s idea of diversity.

HuffPost’s history of racism was further showcased when they continued to give Andrew Breitbart a platform on their front page. It was only after Color of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, initiated a petition with over 43,000  signers requesting an end to their promotion of Breitbart, that HuffPost ceased this racist practice.

Sign this petition now and tell HuffPost to end the suffering done unto a woman of color, her partner whom is an assault survivor, and their entire family.

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