Stop Seaworld Ticket Sales at UC Irvine

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Orca whales are massive, powerful, and highly intelligent creatures that belong in the ocean, not in small tanks where they're forced to perform tricks to entertain the masses. I've created this petition to raise awareness of this unjust aspect of SeaWorld's business practices and to provide a platform on which students at UCI, as well as their friends and family, can voice their concerns. It is my hope that eventually, this and other similar actions and protests will pressure SeaWorld to change their practices.

The goal of this petition is to cut UC Irvine's ties with SeaWorld so that UCI can take a conscientious stand against animal exploitation. UCI sells discounted tickets for a number of different theme parks and, in doing so, it shows its support for these businesses. In the past, UCI has committed to pulling SeaWorld tickets off of their shelves, but since then they have added the tickets again. By signing this petition, you affirm once and for all that UCI should not support SeaWorld because orcas do not belong in captivity.

Please specify if you are a current UCI student in a comment and be sure to use your real name.You will not be contacted or singled out; this is just to ensure that the petition will not be invalidated by UCI's decision-makers.