We want Lyceum to start treating us as living human beings and prioritize our interests

We want Lyceum to start treating us as living human beings and prioritize our interests

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Thabang Mngwevu started this petition to LYCEUM COLLEGE BOARD AND MANAGEMENT


Lyceum Correspondence College is failing us as students and we are starting to lose confidence in this institution. Lyceum College is giving the students a silent treatment instead of addressing their problems. Their phones always ring unanswered but they are very fast in sending emails and texts reminding us about debit orders, payments and alternative ways to pay them. We are ill-treated by the institution yet our parents and ourselves keep our side of our obligation every month.  

Lyceum College does not have the interests of it students at heart. There are students who have been sending email requesting their academic records, transcripts, prove of registration and many other documents to give them to their sponsors and potential employers but Lyceum did not bother to provide these documents or respond to their emails. Students have missed golden opportunities because of the delinquencies of this institution yet they claim to provide qualifications that are
optimally designed to become the building blocks of tomorrow's success. Which success when they are the one standing between us and our successes?


We have tried addressing them several times but they always turn a blind eye and ignore us as usually. Enough is enough, it is now time that the public knows about our abuse at this institution. Because of the following reasons we have decided to create this petition against Lyceum and we demand the Board and the management to act fast:


1.       They cancelled May 2020 Exams and combined them with October 2020 exams without even consulting students  before taking the decision and they did not even bother to consider other alternative options like other institutions. When they cancelled the exams they did not even bother to send emails or texts to all students but when it comes to money they are able to send emails to everyone and texts.


2.       Some of the students who completed their qualification in October 2019 are still waiting for their certificates and their emails to the institution are not responded.


3.       Some of the students wrote their exams without study materials and some received their study materials after they have already written exams.


4.       Some of the students are still waiting for their October 2020 exams results that were supposed to be release on the 11th of December 2020 and when they phone the institution their calls are not answered and their emails are not attended to.


5.       Some students are about to lose sponsorships since they are failing to provide Transcripts, prove of registration, academic results and other mandatory information to their sponsor and when they phone Lyceum College their phones ring unattended and emails are not responded to.


6.       Some of us have lost golden job opportunities because Lyceum College is ignoring our emails and our calls.



Therefore with this petition we demand the following from the institution as the paying student in this private college.

1.       We want Lyceum to start treating us as living human beings and prioritize our interests as paying students. The institution need to remember that we work very hard for the money we using to pay them and we chose to enroll with them because we want a better future. We cannot allow them to destroy our future with their arrogance and ignorance. They must start taking us serious as students and stop acting as if they are Trumps of our lives.


2.       They must keep in mind that we do not appreciate being treated as useless objects that they can drive to any direction they want and stop managing the institution with an iron arm and as if it's a Public College where students study free. 


3.       They must stop using COVID-19 as an issue to destroy our lives and future.

4.       They must release everyone’s results

5.       Since they agreed to have two graduation ceremonies in the year 2020, we wants them to start couriering the certificates starting with both the 2019 students and those students who were support to write their final exams in May.

6.       They must make sure that they do not repeat this thing of sending study materials after exams.

7.       They must stop being lazy and try by all means to come up with better management system that will protect the interests of the students.

8.       Their arrogance and their belief that students are their subjects and won’t listen to anything that comes from the students must come to an end.

9.       They must try building a better relationship and communication with the students and communicate with them regularly.

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