Resolve all unfair activities against five veteran teachers of Lycée

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Lycée is one of the most premier educational institutes in Kolkata which gave rise to some exceptional students who speak highly of the wonderful group of teachers. Lycée ,for its students was always a second home for it showed amazing relationship between a student and a teacher.

Things however began to take a very ugly turn since last year when five teachers of our school Mrs. Piyali Nandi(Computer), Mrs. Shampa Roy( English), Miss Shyamali Mondal (Hindi), Miss Sutapa Basu (Craft) and Mr. Surojit Halder(Drawing) began to be ill treated by the school management. An individual identifying himself as Mr. Monoronjan Roy of PINCON group abused and threatened our teacher Mrs. Piyali Nandi over telephone. The salary of these teachers have been stopped since March, 2017. Their names have been erased with white ink from school attendance and the biometric of the teachers have failed since June 15,2017.Their sin is that as educated individuals they have questioned certain activities of the management which they thought lacked transparency, were unethical and refused to put in their signature wherever and whenever as demanded by the management. They have been regularly going to school to take classes but school management has not assigned them a single class and have tried to insult them in every possible manner. In spite of the five veteran teachers being present in the school , the management is not allowing them to take classes which in turn is affecting the emotions of the students who are used to seeing the old familiar faces of the teachers.

That's why I, with the support of the organization of Students For Lycée Teachers(SFLT) have started the petition asking the school management to:

  • Resolve all the unfair activities against the teachers.
  • Teachers should get all their dues cleared from March,2017.
  • They should be treated with respect by the school authorities.

Such atrocities committed against any teacher is a shame to the society and to the entire teaching fraternity. The management has to take a step and NOW!

Sign my petition and ask the management to end this atrocious behavior.