Justice for Shaheen Mackey

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In 2018, Luzerne County Correctional Facility inmate Shaheen Mackey suffered an epileptic episode. Instead of seeking medical attention, correctional officers restrained him in a chair, smothered his face with a cloth so that he could not breathe, and proceeded to tase him until he died despite a lack of resistance by Mackey and him continually expressing that he was having trouble breathing. The officers then proceeded to attempt CPR on him while his body was still in the chair—
"How could you give CPR in a chair. Anyone who knows anything about CPR, you gotta lay them down flat. Tilt their head. Did anybody see that?  They did that after his body was limp in a chair, he was already gone. They didn't try," said Mackey’s daughter. Although this incident occurred two years ago, no justice has been achieved on behalf of Shaheen and his family— in fact, Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salvantis cleared Shaheen Mackey’s murderers of all wrongdoing and even went so far as to justify the events that occurred. I implore you to sign this petition, not only for Shaheen and his family, but for all Black lives. These horrific killings of Black people have not ceased in the 400 years since they had been captured and brought to the US, and this problem cannot be ignored. We demand justice for Shaheen: that his case be re-opened and that the officers responsible for his murder be dismissed and prosecuted accordingly. Thank you for your time.